About Us



It all started when I heard many horror stories of women being attacked in my hometown of Tacoma, Washington. It struck me even harder when I realized that some of those names were acquaintances of mine.

Stories where women were walking alone, to their cars, home from work or from a night out. Irregardless of the reasons, simply put, they were assaulted and some unfortunately died.

At this point, I was on my weight loss journey. I was working out and walking alone often. It scared me to think that could also happen to me. So, I started staying at home more. Limiting myself to the comforts of my own house.

While I was stuck at home, I started thinking about ways on how I could feel safer, on how I could protect myself and my daughters. That's when I came across self-defense tools: keychains, stun guns, and all other types of self-defense tools.

I believed in this line so much, I decided to sell them with my own personal twist. Making them mine, but more importantly, affordable and stylish to other women in similar situations as me. I wanted to offer them protection and security, like I am doing for me and my girls.

So, this is where Triple K Kollection was born. Named after my self (Kierra) and my daughters, Kaliyah and Khloe.

Triple K Kollection believes that safety is always in style and we should always give ourselves every opportunity to fight back when necessary.


Be pretty, Be safe and BeYOUtiful!


Much love,

Kierra, Kaliyah and Khloe